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The lock on my sliding glass door broke about three months ago. My son took the broken lock off and I started my search for a new one. In the meantime I had to come up with a handle and a way to lock it. A large screwdriver through the holes worked well. Yellow handle on the inside, metal end on the outside and pole in the slider track to lock the door. That was my handle for three months while I went from box stores, to hard wear stores to the internet in search of a replacement lock. The company who made the door is still in business but they no longer make that replacement lock. I had heard of Windows of Greater Tucson on our local radio station and decided to give them a call. Having managed a Customer Service Department I was very pleased and impressed with Patrick’s immediate call back when I left my message. We set up an appointment and Patrick met me and my screwdriver at my home here in Green Valley. Patrick is a people person and very professional. Because I only was replacing my slider he was able to squeeze me in among other large jobs they were doing. When he called this past Monday he said, “Gayle you can remove your screwdriver, we will be there tomorrow morning.” The two men arrived promptly, had the door in and cleaned up within a couple of hours. When they left I kept opening and closing the door it was so awesome. I then took a picture of the sliding door and sent it to my daughter with a text, “My beautiful new door. I FEEL LIKE A KID ON CHRISTMAS MORNING!”