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Thank You! (a Note from a customer)

Good morning, Pat,
I didn’t want to bother you on the phone, but I do want you to have some feedback.
I told you I was concerned about water damage from my leaky windows, while I wait for my new windows to be made.
You offered Scott’s services and said when that he could caulk the leak when he came to measure.
He did. He cheerfully agreed to help despite the fact that it probably threw off his schedule that day.
AND he found that it was the upper decorative arching window that was actually causing water to come into the house, and he fixed it! We didn’t have the high winds last night, but we had some steady rain and I have NO water inside today.
I’m very relieved, as I’ll be out of town soon for a couple of weeks.
I appreciate your generosity with your staff and Scott’s generosity with his time and expertise.
Thanks so much, and please let Scott know how grateful I am that he fixed my leak for now.
I’m really looking forward to the new windows in my bedroom. Can’t wait.
Sun City