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What a wonderful experience!

While it took a few months to get my windows delivered from Pella, it was definitely worth the wait. Pat is such a nice, personable guy. He didn’t come in with a sales pitch, it was more like he wanted to get to know me and what I needed. He spent a few hours at my home not only measuring and telling me about what choices I had, but also just talking about life. I decided to go with the Pella windows. plus he told me I could get rid of this second door I never used and put a window in where it was! So not only was I now looking forward to wonderful new windows, but no more door, but light instead!

So the day came and Pat had told me the crew would be here at 8:30. They were here right on the dot! They all introduced themselves and told me they would be taking all the windows out first and then putting them all in. So my house became a busy bee hive of work all over. There were 5 guys and they never stopped. I have two dogs and I asked them if they just would be careful not to leave the front door open so the dogs wouldn’t get out, but that they could leave the backyard door open and boy, did my dogs have fun! Between them and me, we were wandering between room to room watching everyone doing everything! The dogs were in heaven because all the guys would pet them as they walked by and occasionally toss one of their balls in the yard for them. And everyone of them always shut that front door every time they went in or out.

I can’t tell you how very efficient they all were. They each had their jobs and they were doing them like clockwork. They also were respectful of property to a fault and each one would ask me if they could use the restroom or my microwave when they stopped for lunch. And even though they were very busy, they always had time to listen and talk with me. Before I knew it, my door was gone, he had put in a couple of studs, insulation and the drywall. Then another crew member came by with mud and did his best to match the way the rest of our walls were. As the new windows were being put in, another guy would come in and put in the caulking and expertly smooth it around the frame.

I just can’t tell you how very pleased I am with the work and how my new windows look and work. No more rattling windows when the wind picks up! And they removed and installed all 7 windows and closed up that doorway plus- I forgot- they removed and reinstalled the bars over all those windows in 6 1/2 hours- that 1/2 hour was lunch I think! We shook hands and they pulled out my driveway at 3:00. The price for all this was phenomenal. I just can’t recommend Windows of Greater Tucson enough. Thank you Pat and your crew!