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Windows of Greater Tucson is the only sane option in the market!

Thank you for setting up both houses for furnishing the windows. My wife is so excited she tried to move up our closing by a week. The change in the level of radiant heat will be dramatic and quite candidly I am looking forward to reducing energy bills in conjunction with putting in more insulation. 

The quality of the windows, options with the tint, style and modern appearance really bring value to the consumer. Thank you for your approach and panache. I looked back at the time lines with Wilt in Cincinnati. It had to be late 69/70 when they first met in the exhibition. Even so, in my mind Wilt was the GOAT. I’d never seen a human get up as quick or high as he did to block Alcindor’s shot.  As the years went on, I just assumed Wilt was getting older. Then Michael came in with his little hair and huge leaping ability. He was best off the dribble. Michael Thompson I played against one summer at Maryland with a ton of ACC players. It wasn’t illegal back then. Half the things we did are now considered illegal.

Anyway, we’re extremely pleased to have come across your firm as we had other firms look at the houses. Garrett didn’t do you justice on his advertising. He should advertise you as the only sane option in the market.