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Lattice or Pergola

A pergola is not often defined despite its huge popularity, what is a pergola is common in landscaping and more importantly how is a pergola different from an arbor or car park one might find itself wondering. If you look for a fast answer, a pergola is a custom outdoor frame structure most commonly realized out of wood or metal. The structure beautifully emerging in your future landscape is based on posts covered with a roof or arch, it is envisioned to support vines. The top, roofing grid of the pergola can be left open or used as cover to shelter the individual from the elements. Built to add privacy and shade like a natural extension of the home with an outdoor sitting area, the pergola is most commonly attached to the home but it can be often found freestanding on open field, as a focal point in landscaping. The pergola offers privacy, obstructs unwanted views thanks to trellises and sculptural vines that shape the ensemble in pure beauty.

The pergola pronunciation is intuitive and simple : per`go`la . The origin of the word dates back to 1645-55 from the Italian, Latin word “pergula” – projecting roof, arbor.


The regular pergola is often confused with the following structures, these are terms that define either similar structures or relevant components to a pergola ensemble reason for which in the following rows their similarities and difference will be explained  to avoid future misunderstandings and misuses of the terms. The terms in discussion are:

  • Arbors
  • Gazebos
  • Trellises
  • Lattice also known as “latticework”
  • Carports

For the purpose of patio covers or free standing structures - the term Pergola and Lattice are virtually interchangable in this industry.